The Simple Things

Sometimes it is the simple thing that can cause the most frustration (often resulting in the biggest laughs) when you are living life with a disability.  You can sometimes find yourself in the most ridiculous situations trying to compensate for the curve balls that life has thrown at you.  Often you find tasks taking ten times longer than you know they should because of the workaround that you need to resort to.  For someone in my situation, and for many people with other disabilities, the biggest frustration often comes from the fact that we could do things the easier or quicker way, BUT if we make that choice we know that there is a HUGE price to pay.  That price may be several days of bed rest, a trip to the hospital, having to go back to medications (and their side effects) if you had found a way to manage your condition without them, or any combination of many other possible consequences.

This afternoon I had to give Sophi, my dog who thinks she is a princess, a bath.  I don’t want the princess smelling like a garbage heap for my mother while I am out of town.  Back before I was living with a disability it would have been a quick 10 to 15 minute process.  Now it is an hour long comedy (I can only call it a comedy looking back on it, I was unable to find the humor at the time) that ended with me sitting soaked in the middle of the flooded bathroom floor trying to convince myself that she was too cute to take to the animal shelter.

Like I said at the start these kind of situations often lead to the biggest laughs.  You have to learn to find the humor in the situation or you can end up in a padded cell.  I guess that applies to many things in life.  If you don’t learn to laugh about it, you just stand in the middle of the room screaming at the universe.