Buying The Right To Dream


I try to be an optimistic person, but I tend to be a very cynical. We live in a world where reasons to be hopeful and optimistic are a bit thin on the ground. For our physical and mental wellbeing we need to have hope, to be able to dream of a better tomorrow. I find it hard to do that when just turning on the television or browsing through a newsfeed floods you with reasons to believe that the Earth is going to hell in a hand basket. Sometimes I feel like I need buy the right to dream.

I know it sounds silly but it really works.  I have one of those minds where just thinking, “oh it would be so nice to take a trip around the world,” does not work.  The overly analytical part of my brain kicks in and ruins it.  It yells, “What are you doing wasting time day dreaming?  It is never going to happen!  Do something productive!”  Then on top of not dreaming about sitting on a tropical beach drinking an umbrella drink I feel guilty about wasting time on a delusional fantasy.

My favorite way to justify my daydreaming is POWERBALL!  You see my theory is that even though the odds are similar to being struck by lightning, people get struck by lightning.  I used to work with someone who was struck twice.  So if that is the case then it is not time wasting daydreaming, it is planning.  It is all in how you look at it!

So when I am feeling down and out and need a reason to distract myself from the fact that the world is out to get me, I just head down to the corner shop and buy my right to dream.  My ticket is just as likely as any other ticket to pay off so I need to plan ahead to make sure I don’t forget my sunscreen.  I would hate to spoil the enjoyment of my umbrella drink with a sunburn.



Let me know how you really feel!

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