Immortality – A Curse Or A Blessing?


What would you do if you found the Philosopher’s Stone, a stash of Ambrosia, the location of the Fountain of Youth, or a way to make a deal like Dorian Gray? Would you go for it or pass up eternal life? I am not sure what I would do. I am torn between two different outlooks on this.

On one hand eternal life could be the greatest of blessings. It would give you time to travel everywhere and study everything. You could take the time to work on perfecting yourself in mind and body. You could dedicate yourself to helping the world fix humanity’s problems like hunger, poverty, and environmental issues. It could be an everlasting adventure.

On the other hand there is the idea that it would become a terrible curse. You would see everyone you know and love grow old and die. You would watch everything around you deteriorate and pass into history. Would you watch humanity learn from its mistakes and grow or would you be doomed to watch humanity cut its own throat over and over in the same way? Sadly if history is any indication you would probably watching serial suicide. If the doomsday-prophets/tin-foil-hat-people get their way you may be in for a very long and very lonely life.

Even though I am of two minds on this subject I am inclined to go for it. I would like to think that humanity can overcome its issues and create a bright future. It would be incredible to witness it and possibly have a chance to try to help.


The idea for this post came while pondering The Daily Prompt: No Longer a Mere Mortal. The Daily Prompt can be a great way to get some inspiration when you are in need of a kickstart.


One thought on “Immortality – A Curse Or A Blessing?

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