Adventures In Nature


I spent my childhood in rural Iowa. I enjoyed hiking through the woods, searching for treasure along creek banks, exploring fields, and catching tadpoles in the neighbor’s pond. I guess that is how my love of wandering in nature began. It has always been a place to relieve stress, gather my thoughts, and calm my mind. It is amazing how much the background noise of life intrudes on our minds and keeps us off balance and unfocused. The quiet and solitude can be uncomfortable, unsettling, or even overwhelming until you adjust to it. After years of spending extended amounts of time out in the middle of nature’s glory coming back to the noise of traffic, neighbors, and ringing phones can be anxiety producing to the point of paralyzing. When you are out in the middle of nature you have the chance to be truly alone with your own thoughts. When you eliminate all the distractions you can focus on the things that are truly important.

naturesmallThe idea for this post came while pondering The Daily Prompt: The Natural World. The Daily Prompt can be a great way to get some inspiration when you are in need of a kickstart.


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