Counting The Days

us flag

sophi and bella

Princess Sophi and Bella.

I am so sick of the political season that I am starting to think that a nice big comet or asteroid should land on Washington DC and put an end to them all. I am sick of all the mud-slinging ads all over YouTube and Facebook. If I get one more Tweet or post on my Facebook feed singing the virtues of a politician that I wouldn’t trust to run a bake sale my head may explode. I may also start letting Princess Sophi out to chase the door-to-door campaign vermin off my property. Of course I would have to tell her they had dog treats for her, and the “guard dog” illusion would fall apart the second she caught up and started licking then to death.

bill and opus

Bill and Opus, the perfect political pair.

I have decided that since any of the candidates getting elected will most likely bring about the End of Days I will cast my vote for Bill and Opus. A flightless waterfowl and near comatose cat may not be the ideal leaders for the free world, but I truly feel that they are far less likely to bring this country crashing down around us.  Please join me in supporting these two candidates who will hopefully not send us on a trip straight to hell in a hand basket.


Let me know how you really feel!

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